Neal Winokur helps Canadian small business owners use cloud-based paperless accounting solutions to make the tax filing process quick and easy.

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Excellent Customer Service

Call or e-mail me with your questions; I will answer you promptly, guaranteed, and you will NOT receive any surprise bills. I do NOT bill by the hour, all your questions and inquiries are 100% included in your fee, guaranteed.

Digital Medium

Using the latest cloud and paperless
technology, your personal and corporate tax returns will be e-filed quickly. I show you, hands-on, how to increase efficiency in your business and personal financial affairs.

Up-Front Billing

No surprises on your bill, value-based billing; all fees are set and agreed upon on front.  No unreasonable fee increases from year-to-year, guaranteed.

Freshbooks Certified Accountant

QuickBooks Online Advanced ProAvisor

Wave Pro

Xero Accounting Software

About Neal Winokur CPA, CA, LPA

Having worked in several different accounting firms, I was never satisfied by merely being an employee. I noticed many inefficiencies in the larger firms and realized there was a group of young professionals who are entrepreneurial, technologically savvy and completely dissatisfied with traditional accounting firms and methods.

I educate my clients, both individuals and business owners, to achieve the highest levels of efficiency by transitioning to cloud accounting. Clients are satisfied knowing that the fees are agreed upon up front and there are never any surprises on their bills.

I am passionate about helping clients navigate the unnecessarily overly complex Canadian tax system.  My dream is that tax returns would be redundant, and filed automatically without any need for expensive accountants and lawyers. Until that day comes, I am here for you!

Satisfied Clients

As an owner and manager of several properties, I need small business owner advise, quickly, and thoroughly. Neal quickly responds, and provides common-language explanations. The rare time he hasn't had information at his fingertips, he knows exactly how to find the answers. Mr. Winokur, you are a professional in every way. And on a more personal note, your videos are informative, while being quite entertaining. And today's seminar for small business owners, provided many answers and explanations, presented in your easy-style format. Thank you for the free lunch too, though the content itself was the enticement. Well done.

Rhonda Fromstein

I know it's tax season when I receive a personal email from Neal. That's indicative of a caring, tech-savvy accountant who takes the time to get personal with his clients. As a chartered accountant he can even log onto the CRA system and receive documents before I get them in the mail. Neal is professional, calm and courteous and a pleasure to work with - work? He does all the work! And in a very timely manner. Thanks to Neal I get my tax credits on time. Thanks Neal!

Jeremy Melnick, Melnick Studios Inc.

I've been extremely pleased with Mr. Winokur's accounting services for my personal and business taxes. He is professional yet also very friendly and would reply to my inquiries without delay, even on weekends. Thank you again for your excellent work and dedication.

Daniel Freudman, Freudman Law

Neal is hard-working, caring and most importantly knows what he's doing. I've had difficult tax situations in the past and Neal has been able to clear them up for me wonderfully. I trust him with both my business and personal taxes. He is the most incredible accountant I've ever worked with and I strongly recommend his services to anyone for their business and personal taxes.

Meira Elituv, Founder of Cloakroom

When I look for an on-going business service, be it legal, financial, or otherwise, two things are important to me: top-quality results and an easy, honest person to work with. The working relationship I have with the business colleague is equally as important as their impressive work product. With Neal, I found an accountant who is both a pleasure to work with and can get the job done with remarkable efficiency and precision. I'd heartily recommend him to anyone in need of an accountant.

Menashe Kestenbaum, CEO Enthusiast Gaming Inc.

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